Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kaycie sez...

A very quick edition of "Kaycie Sez" for y'all.  Just some snippets collected from the last few days.  Enjoy!

Overheard while she was playing in her room:  "Volcano... I command you to kill all the dinosaurs!  Ready... set.... go!"

Walks into the kitchen while I'm cooking and says:  "Mommy, I'm heading out to destroy the city."

At dinner with Ken's cousin and her family, while looking at their dog, Phoebe, who is sprawled out on her back relaxing:  "Mommy, look at the dog!  She wants somebody to come and scratch her belly!  And her privates!"

After climbing up on Ken's back, and yelling to her Gramma:  "Look at me!  I'm riding a unicorn!"

A random pearl of wisdom from Kaycie overheard while she talked to her Grammy on the phone: "You do what you do when you need to and when you need to you just do it!"


  1. Hey Aunt Kirsten, I'm your 1000 view!! Congrats, I love that last one, lol

  2. Oh and the one about uncle ken being a unicorn, I feel like I always knew...

  3. Ben! You were my 1000th view?!? How cool is that?! I was very excited to see that I'd hit 1000. And yes, I feel like I always knew too. Bwaa ha ha ha!

  4. Congrats K-Girl, you have arrived!

  5. I always thought Ken looked kinda like the My Little Pony Doll I had in my childhood. I guess Kaycie sees it too...and a horn!