Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kaycie Sez... The Halloween Edition

Happy Belated Halloween!  I've been on a wee bit of a hiatus, but thought I could ease back into my regular blogging.  Hope you get a kick out of these little quips we heard Monday evening as she and her brother enjoyed a beautiful Halloween night:

Upon hearing the doorbell - "Oh my! More customers!"

When we rang the neighbour's doorbell and the dog came to the door along with our neighbour - "Ooooooh!  That's a lovely wolf you have there!"

After a little girl dressed as a rooster walked away from our door and down the street, Kaycie shouted out after her at the top of her lungs - "I sure do like your shoes!"  (the girl had great chicken feet on!)

As we walked past a fake graveyard - "If you are a witch and you go in there, I hope you know that you will turn into the slimiest goo you ever saw." (it's worth mentioning that Kaycie and I went out as witches. LOL)

And, I may be risking future embarassment for my little noodle, but it was pretty funny when she grinned widely and declared - "I just had a witch toot!"

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! 

My extremely talented nephew, Ben, carved this awesome Batman pumpkin!

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