Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kaycie Sez...

In response to a heightened demand for "more Kaycie stories", I think I'll start collecting little snippits from her over the week and post them once a week for your reading pleasure.

So, without delay, please find below this week's instalment of "Kaycie Sez..."  (credit goes to Ken for the very "street" title):

  • Overheard while Kaycie was pretending her 2 dolls met each other on the street and were having a conversation:  Doll A - "Oh hello!  Great to see you!"  Doll B - "Hello!  Ooohh... you look defecating!"
  • Kaycie enters our bedroom and says to me, "Mom, I'm wearing my magic belt to protect me."  I see that she is wearing her silver sparkly belt and ask her, "to protect you from what?" to which Kaycie replied without hesitation:  "Canada."
  • Upon tucking her in at bedtime, I say to Kaycie, "Close your eyes and go to sleep."  Kaycie says, "but when I close my eyes, I can only see the inside of my head... it's too dark in there."
  • Kaycie:  "Mommy, is it ok if when I grow up I'm a girl?"  Me: "Sure"  Kaycie: "Yesss!!!"

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  1. Wow that Canada is about as scary as the boogieman! Kaycie rocks!