Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kaycie Sez... The Wedding Edition

Hello and Happy Thursday to you!  Not too much on the Kaycie front except for a strange and persistent obsession with weddings this week.  She has been talking to us at great length about weddings and brides and veils and everything she associates with weddings.  It's kind of cute, but it really makes me wonder where it's all coming from!

Anyway, here are some of her recent reflections on tying the proverbial knot:

Her thoughts on how the big day goes: "When you get married, the bride goes and looks at her self for a while, and then the people shout, 'Ohhhh BrrIIIIIIiiiiide!" and then the bride comes out and says, "Here I am!" and then she kisses her prince."

Upon being asked why she talks about weddings all the time, "Because I am going to marry my dad... or maybe my brother."

I peeked around the corner the other day and saw her sitting on the ground working on a puzzle, wearing this sheer material over her head, singing the following lyrics to herself to the tune of "Sweet Child of Mine":  "I am a bride and it seems to me, that I am the most beautiful.  I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain.  I'm in a wedding and I am a bride, and look at my dress.  It is so beautiful don't you know."  (editor's note:  Kaycie absolutely LOVES this song - her and her dad used to listen to it in the mornings in the car)

She came running into the kitchen the other day, announcing that she has this great idea: "Mommy!  I have a great idea!  You and Daddy should get married!"


  1. I think Kaycie has Royal Wedding fever!!!

  2. She is going be be excited to be a flower girl someday! ;)