Friday, May 6, 2011

Kaycie Sez...

Hi all!
No time to write!
Here are some Kaycie-isms I'm worried I'll forget:

After jumping on the couch in the sunlight and seeing a plume of dust shoot into the air:  "Oooooh!  Fairies!"  (I wish!  Are they cleaning fairies?)

To the neighbour's dog in a high-pitched, British-y accent:  "You must simply come to my tea party!  I need some villains there."

After she had gathered all of her preschool friends around behind me:  "Mom, your butt looks like a unicorn!"  (great... just great.)

After we had cleaned her room I asked her if she liked going to sleep in a clean room:  "Yah!  And tomorrow I'll mess it up again, and then YOU should clean it!  And then every day I'll mess, mess, mess and you'll clean, clean, clean!  Right Mom?"  (I see a sticker rewards chart in Miss Kaycie's future!)

And finally, at Kaycie's school, the teachers asked all of the kids why they loved their moms and then wrote their answers out and posted them at the Mother's Day Tea at Kaycie's school (which was practically my best day ever!).  Kaycie's response:  "Because I love her so much!  I just do."

Awww!!!  I loved reading that!  Anyone who knows me won't be too surprised to know that I was holding back tears (of happiness!) through the entire tea party!  I just love those little cuties of mine so much! 

*By the way, Knolan has decided he'd like to start talking now, but it may be a while before we have a "Knolan Sez" feature.  His vocabulary consists of cat, mama, dada, buhbuh (bottle), and baba (bye-bye) - not too much fodder for blogging quite yet!

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  1. I got tears reading it! Guess that's why we love them and keep them even on the bad weeks! :)