Friday, August 19, 2011

Kaycie Sez...

Kaycie has been sharing all sorts of bizarre thoughts on anything and everything lately, but I haven't been remembering to jot them down.  Here are some I have managed to remember:

Sang this to me to the tune of some kind of lullaby with a whacked out ending:  "Today is a great day....  We will all use paint cans...  And laugh and skip...  YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

On our way to swimming lessons from the back seat of the car:  "Mom, if you loved me you would get this giant meteorite off my lap."

On my way out the door to work one morning:  "I love you Mom!  Have fun at your workshop!  And never ever forget to come home!  And don't forger to buy me a purple drink!"

After I told her I loved her:  "Well.... I like you, Mom."

Happy Friday to you all!

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