Friday, August 12, 2011

An Update and a New Blog Post: Mothra vs. Kenny!!!

Happy Friday!!!

First of all, an update for those of you who have been wondering if my train story has come full circle yet.  Well, it has, and I was tickled pink yesterday to discover that Annabelle's mom had left us all a message of her own in the comments section of the original blog post!  Thank you again for all of your messages.  There is so much good in this world, and you can all rest assured that you've made a difference for at least one person.  Yay for you!!

Also, my blog statistics are showing a huge spike in readers from Ireland, so welcome to Annabelle's mom (and yes, I also hope we'll run into each other again!!  I'll keep my eye out for you on the train.) and to those I can only assume are her friends and family back home! 

And now, after all that excitement and positivity... back to blogging!  :-)

We had the most wonderful day yesterday visiting with my best friend Marlaine and her husband and kids at my parents' house yesterday - they were visiting from out of province - and it was capped off by us all going to a fishing derby organized by my parents' church.  We met up with my brother and sister and their families at the derby and we all had a great little get together.  The weather was awesome, the hot dogs were plentiful, and thanks to her new fishing rod from Kenny, our daughter did not 'hook' anyone with her aggressive casting style.  Really, watching her fish is a pretty spectacular thing!

I am also a proud auntie when I say that the only fish that was caught yesterday was kindly caught and thoughtfully released by my niece Janaya.  She not only is a promising angler, but she was one of the best dressed attendees!  (she was very proud of her outfit yesterday, which featured a necklace she had made "all by herself".  love!)

So, you would think that after we had long hugs and bid our family and good friends good-bye that we would have milked all the fun out of one day that we could.

Oh no... we like to finish our days off with pizzazz around here!

Kenny and I drove home separately because he could only join us halfway through the afternoon and therefore had his own car with him.  So, he got home before me and the kids, as I had to stop for gas on the way home.  By the time we arrived home, he was already upstairs, jammied up and in bed with the laptop.

I quietly brought the sleepy kids and our bags inside, had Knolan on my hip and had shut the front door when I turned around and saw our cat Chloe acting kind of like she was short circuiting.  Then I looked up to see what she was looking at just in time to see a giant, really huge, gross looking moth land on our front hall wall.

Ewww!!  I am not good with bugs.  I really should blog about the time a spider dropped down on a web right in front of my face while I was driving.  That had drama written all over it!  But have no fear, this moth definitely delivered in the drama department!

There I was with a spazzing cat, Kaycie, who started squealing and running around looking for a cup and some construction paper (she's clearly been watching my no-fail bug relocation technique!), and Knolan, who has likely never seen a moth before, and who was practically stepping on my face trying to get at the moth with his arms flailing like a zombie.  All the while, I am trying to be super smart about this, and I am - with my one free arm - running around the downstairs turning on and off a bizarre sequence of lights trying to lure the moth to the front door.

No such luck.  Probably only entertained the neighbours with my seizure inducing light show.

I asked Kaycie to go get her dad to come and help us with the moth since our house is such a mess right now that I didn't want to set Knolan down for fear of the many, many choking hazards strewn around our main floor - remnants of my crazed and frantic efforts to leave the house on time yesterday for our visit.  I am a messy lunatic when I am trying to leave the house with the kids!

So, off she went to find her dad while I tried to keep track of the moth.  I am kind of shocked at the reaction that bugs and other critters bring out in me.  I was so freaked out by this thing that I was clearly not thinking straight - as evidenced by my use of Knolan as a human shield.  That's right... I am pathetic... every time the moth took flight, I ducked and hid behind my 13 month old's head for protection.

How embarrassing.

Anyway, Kenny, arrived on scene and I showed him where the moth was hiding in the kitchen.  I have to say, I was particularly pleased to see Kenny suddenly recoil when he poked his head into the kitchen and found himself face to face with the moth.  It really was grody.  (sorry lil' moth!)

The series of events that took place next are kind of hard to explain in a blog.  Not the actual events themselves, but the overall feelings of hysteria, frustration, giddiness, feline instinct, wonder, disgust, panic, relief, rage, testosterone surge, anger, and then comic relief that we all experienced as Kenny tried to best Mothra.  Here's my best stab at it:

He tries to 'shoo' the moth out. 
He tries chasing it through our main floor. 
He almost has it near the front door and then Chloe attacks it. 
Chloe starts gnawing on moth, I freak, Kaycie screams, Knolan stares, Kenny tries to rescue the moth, Chloe retreats. 
Moth flies free... at my head. 
I release blood curdling scream and duck behind infant. 
Ken bellows, "Are you serious?!" 
I commence passionate speech about my life long fear of bugs.
Kaycie laughs hysterically.
Moth flies toward front door as Kenny lunges and swats it to the ground.
Moth is probably praying for mercy.
Kenny tries about 5 zillion times to pick up the moth.
Kenny finally gets the moth in his hand, whips the front door open and releases  Mothra into the wild while slamming the door behind him.
We all breathe a sigh of relief.
We all freak as we see Mothra fly up towards the ceiling.  What?! Wait!  It's a new Mothra!
Kenny tries to swat Mothra the Second, resulting in moth excursion to the upstairs.
Kenny implodes.
Chloe takes chase.
Mothra the Second comes back downstairs.  In cat's mouth.
Kenny rescues Mothra the Second.
Mothra the Second flies free and Chloe attacks.
Kenny rescues Mothra the Second again, manages to scoop him and runs for the front door.

And then the most crazy part of all...

Kenny swings the front door open, throws Mothra the Second into the dark night, and then rips my wreath off the front door, hurls it into our garden and slams the door shut.

He looks at me and says, "Those moths love that stupid wreath!"

I burst out laughing while Kaycie peers out the window into the night to see where the wreath landed.

I totally wish that life had a "re-play" button.  I would have loved to have watched that all transpire.

So... that was the epic battle of Kenny vs. Mothra(s).  And it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.



  1. No...words...laughing...too....hard!!!

  2. ok. i've calmed down. we had a similar incident with a fly (not so dramatic as yours!) but i burst out laughing at trevor's spastic slow-motion style swat. when i recovered and told him why i was laughing, he repsonded with "that's how napoleon dynamite would swat a fly"

  3. Damn! I just would've let the cat have at it. Problem solved. :P

  4. I know, I know. I just couldn't handle seeing the cat torture it first, though, so I made Kenny rescue it. :-)

  5. I can't explain for laughing ,as your mother wildly signals "what is so funny?"
    I can only point and make the international signal for " look for youself"

  6. I hear her wheezing hysterically.
    I better go and administer CPR.
    Thanks for a great story!

  7. Now I'm laughing too hard to send him an international signal......
    I think throwing the wreath into the garden should be some kind of new ritual .....:)
    I used you as a shield when it was necessary, so you must come by it naturally...
    You two are great role models,

  8. So if this was Knolan's first experience with moths what are you going to do for next time? ;)

  9. Ahhhh, just wait - it'll be SPIDERS next time!...

  10. C'mon, if that 26 year old cat catches *anything*, she deserves to keep it.