Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kaycie Sez... (Knolan Sez is not far behind!)

I am excited because Knolan is starting to talk.  A lot.  His favourite greeting is, "Hey baby!" and he loves to say, "Bye bye... ab dood day!"  (Translation: Bye, bye... have a good day!).  And of course, since he is closing in on the terrible 2's, he is all about "NO!"  Fun times.  :-)

As for Kaycie, she is, of course, still spouting out lots of interesting stuff.  I have been collecting these ones for a while and finally managed to put them all in one spot:

While playing floor hockey with her cousins and Ken:  "No, Daddy, I'M the goldie."

After she had wandered into our bedroom late one night and announced that there was something weird going on with her foot, we took a look at it and reassured her that it was just a wee bit of dry skin on her toe and there was no need to be worried.  She seemed ok with that and went back to bed.  About 20 minutes later we heard her little angelic voice call out from her room:  "Don't worry Mommy and Daddy.  I chewed it off!"

When I was buckling her into the van and didn't realize I was leaning on her leg:  "Ow Mom!  You're crankling my bones!"

While reaching in to ever so gently lift her out of her booster seat after she'd fallen asleep in the car, she shouted out in her sleep:  "No YOU'RE the evil one!"

While brushing her hair (a little too roughly apparently!):  "MOM!!!  You're hurting AND devastating me!"

And there is a recent development.  She has been working on this roster of jokes that make ZERO sense and revolve around the word "reflection".  Why?  Your guess is as good as mine!  Here's a sampling (all of which result in hysterical laughter from the joke-teller):

"Why did the T.V. poo a lot?  Because of the cowboy's reflection! "

"Why does the princess curtsy a lot?  Because she always kisses and has a reflection!"

And the one that perplexes me the most... she makes a flatulence sound with her mouth and then says, "That's not a toot... that's my reflection!"   (If she is anything like I was when I was a kid, she just likes the way the word 'reflection' sounds and is looking for any and every opportunity to say it out loud.)

I should add one thing.  I am always a little worried that people reading this blog think I am mocking my child.  I'm not.  I honestly get so much joy out of the strange things that she says because it reminds me of how innocent and literal and funny and creative kids can be and I get so sad when I forget the things Kaycie says that make me happy and make me laugh from my toes up.  I think I kind of wish I could go back to being 4 years old some days and experience life the way Kaycie does.  Can you imagine life without all the filters of work and household responsibilities?  I can't believe I wanted to grow up so fast, and now I am silently begging the universe to let my kids stay little forever.


  1. Beautiful, all of them!
    It's very clear you're not mocking your child. You are taking note, from a wise, unfiltered being. Long may she remain so.

  2. Think of it as a digital scrapbook, only of words and occasionally photos, instead of the other way 'round.