Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Saturday Night Egg-stravaganza!

We found out Knolan has pneumonia a couple of days ago, so my Saturday evening plans shifted from fun night out at Ken's cousin Bethany's house with his relatives to me staying home with Knolan so that Ken and Kaycie could go visit.  I love seeing Ken spend time with his cousins, so I was happy to volunteer to stay home so that we wouldn't have to cancel on Bethany and her husband entirely.

While I was spending my Saturday afternoon and evening at home with the little guy, my mind kept drifting back to eggs.

Why?  Well, you may recall my recent diversity exercise that resulted in double yolked egg confusion last weekend where I cracked 2 eggs in a row that had 2 yolks in them.  Since then, I've used 2 more of the eggs from that carton, and to my surprise, they too had double yolks!  Both of them!

That's 4 out of 5 eggs from this carton that have had double yolks!

So, I have been DYING to crack open all the eggs in the carton all day. 

Finally, after I put Knolan to bed, I decided I could at least make a pile of muffins and use 2 more of the eggs to see if I could continue my double yolked egg-stravaganza.  Here is the video I made of me cracking my eggs into my muffin mix:

My stove top needs to be cleaned AND I sound
like a lonely nerd in this video.

2 MORE DOUBLE YOLKERS!  6 eggs from this carton have been double yolked!  This is crazy.  Either that or they are completely un-rare and all of my friends who grew up on a farm are secretly snickering at me oohing and ahhing over my carton of eggs. I swear that the carton says that they are just normal, run of the mill eggs.  My sister-in-law, Kerry, may be right... I might have to stop buying lottery tickets because all of my luck is just pouring into this one weird carton of eggs.  :-)

You might have heard me declare at the end of the video that I was putting all of my big plans for the night (laundry and SNL) on hold to bust open the remaining 5 eggs.  Once I shut off the camera, though, I thought better of it and decided that I couldn't just waste the eggs, and I couldn't think of anything I was willing to make that required 5 eggs and would keep overnight.

So... you will just have to wait for the update on tomorrow's episode of.... "All my Eggs".  And trust me... I am using all of those eggs tomorrow!  Know any great egg recipes? 


  1. Make a quiche! I can msg a great recipe if u need one!

  2. if i could quit laughing i would write something witty
    love, Mom


  3. Your single handed egg cracking talent is amazing!