Sunday, December 30, 2012

Everyone Sez...

Well, Kaycie is going to have to give up some of the lime light.  Most of the people living in this house are making me laugh these days, and I don't want to forget any of it, so I'm dumping it in this blog whenever I remember.


On Becoming Famous...
While recalling the day's events, Kaycie shared with us that she was teaching her friend, Nidhi, how to be famous.  While stifling a snort, I asked Kaycie what steps were needed to become famous.  Her reply was, "Well, first, you need to sing.  And then you need to start giving people autographs."

On Hanukkah...
While I was getting dressed, I bent over to put my socks on, and she gently touched my back.  It tickled, so I asked her what she was doing.  She said, "Don't worry.  I'm just pretending to light your back on fire."  I said, "Say what?!" and she said, "Oh, it's just that I love lighting things for Hanukkah."  Don't ask... I have no idea. My kids are obsessed with Hanukkah for no obvious reason.  :-)

On Being Special...
My daughter has an interesting eye.  1/4 of it is brown, while the rest is blue, and a good backgrounder to this little story is that she is extremely proud of this eye.  Here is a picture:

While I was at the dentist recently (and my friend Tina reminded me tonight that I tend to have a lot of fun at the dentist office - I had forgotten!) for a cleaning for me and a filling for Kaycie, my hygienist was extremely accommodating about having Kaycie with me.  Having little ones of her own, she was fantastic about letting Kaycie watch what was going on in my mouth, chatting with her as Kaycie explored every nook and cranny of the room, asking a never ending stream of questions.  The longer my cleaning went on, the more confidence Kaycie was filled with, and she was eventually doing what she called "the dentist dance" for the all of the hygienists, who then called the dentist come come and watch.  This escalating spiral of nonsense grew and grew as I lay helpless in the chair with sucker tubes and dental instruments hanging out of my mouth, rendering me incapable of interfering.  I kept attempting to ask Kaycie to sit on her little chair and just watch, but we all know how that goes when you have a hygienist working on your teeth - and frankly, she seemed to be enjoying every moment.  Finally, Kaycie bounded over to the hygienist, stretched over the tray of tools so she could get close to her face, and grabbed the upper and lower lids of her eye, stretched them apart, leaned in closer and said, "I'm the special one in our family!"  Luckily I didn't laugh all of the contraptions in my mouth clear across the room, but I strongly suspect that my hygienist would have understood because she literally snorted and couldn't stop laughing as she choked out the words, "I'll bet you are!".


On Unexpected Turns of Events...
A bit of a back story:  After I had put Knolan down for a nap, he seemed to be asleep for about 20 minutes, when suddenly I heard him yapping away to himself.  As any parent knows, nap time means break time and since Knolan normally naps for 2.5 to 3 hours I eventually went into see if I could either coax him back to sleep or see what was wrong.  When I went in and smelled that familiar waft in the air, I realized he needed a quick diaper change and hopefully he'd be back to sleep in no time.  After our quick change, a short cuddle with some books and quiet songs, I whispered, "are you ready to go night-night?"  Knolan nodded his head and wrapped his little arms around me.  As I gently laid him down in the crib and kissed his forehead, his eyes suddenly widened with panic, his soother dropped out of his mouth and he exclaimed, "No, no, no!  What you doing?!  What happening!?"  So funny.  Thankfully, he slept another hour.  :-)

On What's Happening...
We were at our friends' Tina and Geoff's house for dinner and our two little guys Knolan and Kiran were sitting beside each other, trapped in their booster/tray seats.  I can't exactly recall what it was that prompted this exchange... perhaps Geoff got up to serve another AMAZING course of food, or maybe someone took Kiran's sippy cup, but something had indeed "happened".  Kiran kept looking around murmuring in his sweet little voice, "What happening?  What happening?".  That's when Knolan gently put his hand on Kiran's arm, leaned in real close to Kiran's face, opened his eyes wide and said, "I don't know!" with a level of confusion that matched Kiran's.  The part of this that was so funny was that the two of them haven't said a word to each other in their lives.  LOL


On Finding That Once Again I Had All The Lights On And Was Typing In Bed At 1:00am...
I'm back into my old routine of typing and surfing the net late at night now that we have a proper laptop again. I am gifted with the ability to sleep in any type of light and with pretty much any level of distraction.  Ken, however, is not.  The other night he woke up to find me typing away with the closet light on, the TV on, the bedside table lamp on, and of course the laptop screen glowing away.  I hadn't noticed he was awake until I was visually assaulted with a blinding strobe light coming from the other side of the bed, aimed right at my eyes.  Startled, I looked over, and there was Kenny with a big dorky grin on his face, repeatedly hitting his phone's flash button as I kept trying to shield my eyes from the light.  He looked at me, pretending to type, and said, "Oh hi!  Don't mind me, I'm just sending a few emails."   Hardy har har.  Point well taken.


  1. love it!!! "i'm the special one!!" classic!! love that girl!!

  2. I'm still Ha Ha Ha Ha Haing over the "I'm the special one.....and loved Knolan's heartfelt "I don't know"
    Of course, the image of my daughter in the chair with the tubes, etc. trying to Mother her little Kaycie just about used up all the energy I had for the day.
    Thanks for this use of your talents & time.... Love, Mom

  3. Kaycie rocks! And Knolly cracks me up!