Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shooting for the Stars - My New Year's Resolutions

1.  Put away the Easter and Halloween decorations sitting at the bottom of the basement stairs.  Either that, or officially designate the area at the bottom of the stairs as seasonal decorations storage space so that I can stop feeling guilty that they aren't put away.

2.  Measure the cubic space occupied by the 20+ boxes and bags of clothes that the kids have outgrown that I need to sort through to determine if they have to be returned to someone or not so that I know how much of my mortgage has been going toward storing this monolith.  Just 'cause I'm curious.  :-)

3.  Sort through outgrown clothes and return to rightful owners.

4.  Have emotional farewell party, and tearful goodbye speech for my kids' cute little too-small clothes.  Wanna come?  There will be wine.

5.  Send invites for farewell party to the box of single socks in our closet and the bag of things that need to be returned to people.

6.  Return the 2 library books on gift wrapping that I signed out in 2004.

7.  Google "saw shark" and "hammerhead shark".  Have been meaning to do that.

8.  Stop procrastinating and look under our bed to see what's there.  Tentative complete-by date: prior to emotional farewell party in case I need to open up the invites to B-listers.

9.  Stop hitting "remind me later" and finally take the tour of my new and improved Yahoo Mail already.

10.  Learn how to transfer my 3000+ irreplaceable pictures and videos of my family and friends from the last 2 years from my phone to my laptop or memory stick.  They're messing with my Twitter and Words With Friends.

11.  Develop new strategy for increasing my winning percentage for Roll Up The Rim To Win.  Possibly propose new "work from Tim's" arrangement with supervisor for the month of March.

12.  And finally, take the advice of my good friend Monica, and ensure that I find humour in every single day.  There's plenty of it there - whether I see it or not is up to me.

A Happy and Humourous New Year to you all!  May the year 2013 bring you lots of love, light and matched socks.

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  1. another great post!!! sign me up for #4!! you will need some "morrow" support!! ;-)