Friday, February 11, 2011

Kaycie Sez...

Now that we're through my son's last bout of teething and being sick, of course it's my turn!  I have some sort of cold/sore throat and feel terrible lately, but since we all know that the degree to which a parent is not feeling well is directionally proportional to the amount of whining, craziness and madness their 3 year old dishes out, I have PLENTY of fodder from the last few days for a quick Kaycie Sez post - nice and easy to do on a day where I wished I could have pulled the covers over my head!

While drinking a glass of cranberry juice:  "Mom, does cranberry juice have sugar in it?"  Me:  "Yes it does... did you learn about sugar at school?"  Kaycie:  "Yes.  We learned it was good, but that if you put chicken on it then it tastes kind of sour."   (Editor's note:  ??!!??)

While looking at herself in the mirror:  "I FEEL like Santa Claus, but I actually LOOK like Mrs. Claus."

While writing Valentine's cards for pre-school (well... tracing her name from a dotted grid I made for her):  "Mom, I can't do this anymore.  My arm is broken... you do it."  Me: "I can help you, but the cards are from you, so you should be the one to put your name on them... they aren't from Mommy."  Kaycie:  "I have a great idea... you can write YOUR name on them and then they WILL be from you!"  (Editor's note:  I was actually not purposely torturing her by making her write out 21 cards... we'd been doing about 3 a day, which she normally can handle just fine.)

After I told her that I might try to take a nap while she's in quiet time and Knolan's sleeping:  "Yeah, and then when I want you to wake up, I can run in and hit you on the head with a pillow... or my rake!"  

Upon opening my eyes at 3am and seeing Kaycie's face right in front of mine:  "Mom, can you come help me build my campfire?  I'm having a little trouble with it."  (Editor's note:  Turns out it was a completely fake campfire made out of blankets and red socks, but she was cold and thought a fire would help.)

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