Friday, March 11, 2011

Kaycie Sez...

Tired...   Here are some Kaycie quotes....   Night nite!

A declaration at the dinner table:  "Here are everyone's names - Kaycie, Knolan, Mommy and Daddy.  Don't forget... those are our jungle names."

Upon finding Sir Prance-a-lot, the stuffed toy horse:  "Hey!  It's Captain Rides-Him-All-Of-The-Time!"  (Backgrounder:  Sir Prance-a-lot belongs to Henry and Peter - twin sons to our good friends Cathy and Rob.  Well before the Christmas holidays, Sir Prance-a-lot accidentally spend a month or two at our house after a visit from the twins.  When Kaycie stumbled across him while we were at Cathy's for a visit this week, both Cathy and I were impressed that she did as well as she had at remembering his name.)

After lovingly putting about 5 grapes in a ziploc baggie and TAPING it closed for her friend Maddie to take home with her after our playdate, Kaycie yells out the door at the top of her lungs to Maddie as she gets into her mom's car:  "DON'T FORGET TO SAY 'THANK YOU' TO ME FOR THE GRAPES!!!"

I overheard Kaycie in this bizarre baby talk voice talking to Knolan (who you may recall is a mere 8 months) who was sitting in his Einstein in the living room while I was making dinner:  "Knolan, what do you think of this dress?  Come on... you can tell me... come on you little cutie!"

Said to one of the moms at pre-school:  "See my brother?  He's so cute.  He came from my mommy's belly.  Her belly was gigantic!  And her butt was normous."

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