Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kaycie Sez...

We haven't had a Kaycie sez in a while, so here goes:

I asked Kaycie the other day, "How would you like to have something really different for dinner?" thinking maybe we would have tacos.  She excitedly said:  "Yeah.... like dog food!"

Kenny reported that when he called us at home the other day and I put Kaycie on the phone for a moment to go take dinner out of the oven, that Kaycie loudly sighed and said:  "Daddy... sometimes people are tired and just don't want to talk.  OK dear, let me put you on speaker phone." (and then successfully put him on speaker phone!)

When having dinner with her Aunt Julie and Uncle Mike, she turned to Mike, whacked him with a chopstick and declared, "I am the Princess of Generosity!"

While pretending to be a cat sleeping on my lap:  "When a cat is sleeping, that means that they've had a tough day of eating food, so they need to rest."

When I asked her if she thought her brother was cute:  "Yup, Knolan is sure going to grow up to be a handsome prince."

I told Kaycie the other day that she was a really smart little girl, and she said: "Yup.  I'm smarter than a cutie-pie, and that's why I joined your family."

Overheard while she was playing with her dolls in the next room:  "Well you need to stop worrying about your hair and start worrying about crowd control!"  (Don't ask me... I have no idea.)

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