Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kaycie Sez...

Quick and dirty today... have lots to do!!!  Here you go:

When I called upstairs to see if Ken and Kaycie wanted hot dogs for dinner, Kaycie came barrelling full tilt down the stairs and said:  "Yes, please Mommy!  Woo hoo!"  Then she said:  "Mommy, Mommy, Mom... can I have this orange thing called 'meat' in mine? ...and a bun?"

When I asked Kaycie if she could go pick up the bottle that Knolan had dropped on the floor, there was a long pause and then she said:  "Sorry Mommy.  My hands are full."  When I looked at her with that "mom" look, she said:  "See?  One hand is holding my shirt, and the other hand is holding my belly."  (To her credit, she actually had been holding her shirt and belly the whole time.)

A police officer drove up in front of our house while Kaycie and her friend Bella were riding their bikes and stopped to ask me if I'd seen someone with a description he provided me that the police were looking for.  After he and I finished that little exchange, the officer told the girls how happy he was that they were wearing their bike helmets.  Kaycie could barely contain her excitement and awe that a real, live police officer was talking to her, and burst out with:  "I'm going to be a grown up when I grow up!" and did this bizarre little jig while she was telling him this.  The officer was so super cool... he just gave her a slow motion thumbs up and a nod of the head, and then he drove off while maintaining his thumbs up pose.  :-)

The Kaycie Dictionary

Ridictable:  We believe this may be a hybrid of "ridiculous" and "dispicable".  Used in a sentence:  "You are simply ridictable!!"

Show up:  She thinks this is how you say "show off".  Used in a sentence:  "That girl running around is just being a show up!"

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