Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gramma = Alien?

My poor little girl's eye is swollen shut... again.

I brought her indoors last night at the very, very first sign of bugs, but I guess that wasn't soon enough.  She woke up around 4am crying and Ken went in to see what was wrong and found her with her eye swollen completely shut.  It's about 5 in the morning right now, and she can't sleep, so I thought I would let her hang out in bed with me and watch cartoons.  In the meantime, I figured that while I've got the time, that I would document all of the completely bizarre things she's said since she woke up.  She must have woken herself up out of a deep sleep because she's been saying some really wonky things!

When I went in to see her, she showed me her eye and said:

"Mom, I had the craziest dream.  There was this alien, Gramma, and she used the future.  She was on the lawn, with some bacon, and took some air and threw it at a dog."

I honestly had to look away and bite my fist to keep from laughing!  She seemed so distraught about her eye and the dream that I didn't want to make her feel worse by laughing at her.  I'm sure Gramma will be thrilled to hear that she starred this dream.

So, we moved her into bed with us, and I went downstairs to get her some medicine for the swelling.  Fortunately, she has been referred to an allergist for her reaction to bug bites, but that isn't until later this month, so in the meantime our pediatrician has prescribed Kaycie something to use whenever this happens.  Tonight is our first time using this prescription, so I hope it helps.  My fingers are crossed!

When I came back to bed, Ken said to Kaycie, "Tell Mommy what you just said to me."  Then she looked at me with her one good eye and said, "It is night-o-clock right now, but soon it will be day-o-clock."  We just had to smile about that one... it was cute!

Fast forward to daylight hours, as I actually did get some sleep, and now we're all puttering around the house getting ready for Ken's sister's birthday party.  Kaycie wandered into the kitchen when she woke up and looked at me (again with her one good eye... poor girl!) and pointed to her good eye and said, "This eye's brother is sick."  How can a kid with an itching swollen eye still manage to be so sweet?!  Then she points to her swollen eye and says, "This eye is sick, and his brother is worried about him, so he is keeping him company."

I love her so much.  Then she came over to see Knolan, and he took one look at her and pointed at her eye and burst out laughing.  At least Kaycie thought that was funny... thank goodness! 

Anyway, she seems to think that the remedy for her swollen eye is to go give her Auntie Julie a pretty present with a pretty bow on it, so we'll go with that. 

And some Benadryl!


  1. Kaycie,
    I remember when your Mom used to swell up just like you in your pic when the black flies were biting.

    You will be Ok...\

    Gramma & Grandpa