Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Memories: Smurf House

Hi all!

I haven't completely disappeared off the face of the planet.  I've just gone back to work.  Any spare time I had before has all but vanished for now, but I am slowly figuring out how it was that I carved out any time for myself before my maternity leave when I was working full time.  It's a challenge, but it can be done!

Anyway, I've just whipped up a short and sweet Monday Memory for you - and I think after this my family may quietly just start disavowing any knowledge of my existence - or at least start denying that we're related.  LOL

You see, it's just that with all the publicity lately for the new Smurfs movie, I have become somewhat nostalgic for the good old days when my sister and I were younger and watched the adventures of those blue little guys.

The good old days when we had rooms right across the hall from each other.

The good old days when we'd stay up all night talking and goofing off.

The good old days when she'd attack me, pin me down, analyse my nose and declare that it looked exactly like a Smurf house.

Yes... ever since then, I can't look at my nose without thinking of Smurfette's cute little Smurf house.  Or my sister.  :-)

So, I'll let you be the judge.  Does my nose look like a Smurf house to you?  (I can't believe I'm doing this, but I really, really wanted to post something new and this was all I could think of!)

my nose...
Smurf houses! (Via)

My nose...
A Smurf House! (Via)

Oooh!!!  I'll put a poll in the top right corner of my blog page to keep track of the results!

P.S. Is it obvious that my nostrils are asymmetrical?


  1. Thank goodness for Monday Memories,
    Brought happy tears of remembrance to my eyes

    I love you and your Smurf House nose (if that's how the vote goes)


  2. i agree with your sister! you've got a smurf house nose and it's super cute too!