Monday, November 4, 2013

The Words My Kids Say

These posts are going to be more fun now that Knolan talks in full sentences, and Kaycie thinks she is 35 years old.  :-)

Kaycie:  "Mom, I have this great idea for a website.  It's going to be a training website for villains.  They can go to the website, and each day there is a great new idea about how to to do villain things!  Like on the first day, they can go to the website, and there will be instructions on how to make a can of paint fall on someone when they open a door.  It's going to be really useful for villains!"

Knolan:  (overheard at a McDonald's playland when he followed a kid out of the playland over to the table where the kid's mom was sitting with the kid's food)  "Excuse me... Captain America?  Let's go back in!"  When this didn't work, he started pushing on the kid's back and looked at the mom and said, "Captain America's mom... make him go back in, please."  When that didn't work, he dejectedly walked back into the playland.

Kaycie:  (When I came in to tell her it was time for lights out.)  "Goodnight Mom.  Oh wait.  By the way, before you go, I finished examining your dog (picture me looking confused, until I see a pink stuffed dog in her lap and notice she is wearing a stethoscope).  I scheduled her ears, and they are fine (lately she is using new words, but in the wrong context - must work harder at helping her with this rather than just smiling at how cute she is).  I scheduled her butt and it's fine too.  I scheduled her tail - fine.  I scheduled her eyes - they are also fine.  I scheduled her mouth and it's fine.  I scheduled her nose and it's good (catch myself panicking wondering if good is better or worse than fine, but then remind myself that this is a stuffed dog being checked over by a 6 year old), and finally, I scheduled her claws - don't worry, they are fine too.  Love you, Mom!  Night!"

Knolan:  (When he woke up and wandered into my room to see that I had returned from my trip to the Yukon while he was asleep)  *grabbing my face with both hands and getting all up in my mug* "Mom!  I so proud of you for going to Whitehorse!  You are such a good grill!"  (editor's note: Knolan cannot say "girl".  I have tried to correct this for months, despite how cute it sounds when he says it!)

Kaycie:  (about 20 minutes after she has asked to watch something on Netflix, and I have told her that Netflix isn't working)  "Mom - have you been touching the cables?"  Me - "What cables?"  Kaycie (looking stern) - Mom.... you know... the CABLES."  Me - "Huh??"  Kaycie - "You know what, Mom?  I am going to order some wire.  And I think I will order some lasers too, and then I'll set them up all around the TV, and then..."  Me - "Do you think strangers are sneaking around trying to sabotage our Netflix?"  Kaycie - "Yes."

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  1. Thanks for the laughs, Kirsten. The children are both trying so hard to use bigger words and in the correct context. Someday they will enjoy that you kept this record for them. Love you,