Thursday, November 25, 2010

She's Crafty

I'm a night owl... big time.  I do everything after 10pm... grocery shopping, cleaning, emails, bills... and making fun stuff!  Every few years I'll go through a spurt of manic crafting, where I'm up late into the night crafting away at some new project hoping I won't get caught by my husband.  This may sound strange, but I can explain. 

My husband is much, much more sensible about sleep than I am.  I've always wished I was more sensible about sleep, but I just can't seem to help myself.  I find that when I fall into one of my craft-till-you-collapse phases, I hear myself saying crazy things to Ken like:

"I promise, I'll come to bed soon... I just need to cut out 5000 2"x2" squares of scrapbooking paper" or, 

"I swear, I'll be there in 10 minutes... I just need to put 5 coats of sealant on this thinger." or,

"I know that it's 11 o'clock and you're tired, but is there any way you could do me a teensy favour and take me out to the garage and show me how to use the miter saw so I can cut about 18 equal sized cubes from this 4x4?" 

At which point Ken's eyes bulge out and he attempts to explain to me that we have neighbours who might not understand my obsessive need to have these cubes cut so close to midnight, and can he please show me how to use the saw tomorrow, and please try to come to bed soon... he misses me after night four of Craft Marathon 2010. 

So, I send him off to bed, promising to be there soon, and then try to focus on just getting one more part of my project done so I can go to bed too. 

...and then I think I can squeeze in one more step.

...and then I realize that if I do this other thinger, I might not have to stay up so late the next night.  If I work fast, I can sneak into bed while Ken's asleep and he'll never be the wiser!

...and then it's 3am and I jump a FOOT off my chair as I hear footsteps coming my way and then see Ken's tired eyes looking at me from the staircase.  Busted!  I drop everything and come to bed.

I should say... I have a great husband.  He totally gets me and understands my wacky ways, but the poor guy doesn't want to sleep alone for the rest of his life either!

Soooo.... this all leads me to my latest crafting adventure.  I saw the cutest handmade laundry room sign on another blog called How Does She? and I was dying to make it.  I didn't know where to get a wrought iron hanger for it, and I don't own one of those snazzy craft cutting machines, but I was determined that I could still make one.

And I did!  I am soooo proud of this sign! Check it out:

I have 'loads of fun' staring me down as I type this.
Yes, yes... I see you.  I'll deal with you later.

Isn't it cute!?!  I figured out that I could just cut my scrapbooking paper to fit my printer and print the words right on the paper instead of using the vinyl pre-cuts, and I just bought a cabinet handle from Rona and used it instead of tracking down a blacksmith to make me a wrought iron hanger.

I am SO proud of this sign!

Anyway, I should mention that it's a good thing I'm a night owl some nights.  The only reason I'm able to sit and leisurely write this blog post this morning is that both of my kids are still asleep and it's almost 10am

Why, you ask?  Because last night was an epic night-long symphony of the never-ending cries of a teething baby, regular bizarrre calls into the night from our 3 year old (my favourite was the 3am request that Ken go and put our Christmas tree up), and the frustrated sighs of my husband who, like the good guy that he is, teamed up with me to make it through the night.

Ok... off to deal with my 'loads of fun'!


  1. This is awesome! Love the crafty you!

  2. Your sign is gorgeous! It would make a great gift too, though I know I shouldn't encourage you to be making more crafts :).